Prioritizing Safety in Firework Displays

As a company prioritizing safety, Pro Pyro Racks believes in responsible and safe firework handling. Our range of fireworks and mortar shell racks is designed with optimal safety features. We use only HDPE pipes in a spaced design to ensure a secure 4th of July celebration or fireworks display.

Pro Pyro Racks

Mortar Shell Safety

When dealing with any mortar shell, it's essential to remember that these devices involve explosions. Always handle our products with due caution and respect. Safety should always be the priority when around fireworks.

Eye Protection

Proper eye protection is a primary aspect of safe firework handling. Wear suitable protective eyewear before you light up a mortar shell or set up a firework rack.

Pro Pyro Racks
Pro Pyro Racks

Fire Prevention Measures

Always keep fire prevention tools nearby when setting up a fireworks show. These can include fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and buckets of water. Fire safety is a crucial part of preventing accidents during a fireworks display.

Planning Large-Scale Events

For larger events, the need for safety increases. We strongly recommend coordinating with local fire departments in preparation for a successful and safe event. This collaboration will help create a secure environment for everyone to enjoy the spectacular fireworks.

Pro Pyro Racks
Pro Pyro Racks

Our Product Range

  • Firework Racks
  • Mortar Shell Racks
  • 4th of July Supplies
  • Mortar Shell Tubes

In conclusion, at Pro Pyro Racks, we are committed to ensuring that every firework show is breathtaking and safe. We encourage all our customers to use our products responsibly and prioritize safety first.